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I'm choosing this time to begin our Dermatology medical practice's inaugoral blog because our patients consistently ask for a clear, unbiased voice to take up topics of interest free of commercialization and marketing.

With the economy  still limping along, Health Care Law changes looming, and the baby boomer generation (of which I qualify) swelling the ranks of those needing health care advise, it may seem like rough waters ahead for us trying to provide or  use health care services over the next decade.  Possibly even harder to get advise and make use of the ever-more-important Preventive Health care advances and anti-aging treatments for our one and only bodies.

With that in mind, this blog and our coming newsletter will try to address the 'bottom line'' , the key points,  of these topics with humility and some passion.  What supplement should I be taking? Does that differ from person to person and if so why? What hormonal treatments are beneficial and at what age?  What are their pitfalls?  All topics such as Cancer Prevention, exercise, nutrition, weight loss program evaluations, skincare regimens, metabolism, immune system changes, Cosmetic medical treatments from stem to stern will be dealt with. Hopefully with as little self-serving humbug as humanly possible.

Dr Kathy, my wife, and myself handle these issues on a daily basis and we yearn to share what we glean from our studies and our experiences. So,  together, in what may be rough waters ahead in the health care system for all of us,  we realize we are all in the same boat. The same concerns that arise for you, arise for most of us.  With that in mind, full speed ahead as we head into unchartered waters and together we'll use what we learn in this information rich ocean we call the internet.

Thanks, Dr Nick